It can be a trying time if you’ve had your home ruined because of a flood. There are many factors that come into play whenever you’re trying to restore your possessions. In some cases, there are things that can’t be restored.

It’s important to look past these things and think ahead, taking into consideration what you can do for next time in case it ever occurs again.However, some homes can be salvaged for the most part; you simply have to take into consideration the mold and other microbes that can grow, especially in porous materials.

As Damage Control 911 of Orlando tells us, there are a few ways that we can prevent mold from damaging things after floodwaters have touched them. There are some items that can’t be restored, as said above, but it’s important to determine what can and can’t. Whenever you’re first examining damage, it’s important to document and throw away the things that can’t be saved.

Afterward, dry what you can to the best of your abilities and sanitize it as much as you can. Bleach and Clorox are good antimicrobial liquids, but be sure to contact a professional before doing any of it if you’re ever not sure.  Some of these liquids can ruin possessions even more, so it’s best not to assume there is a catch-all for mold.