Dog daycare is a theory whose moment has arrived. Studies reveal pets are more than members of households, they are surrogate children. There is an increasing number of singles and couples without children and their pets are like having a kid. Get the more information about affordable dog daycare West Bloomfield MI at

Dog Day Care - Tips Dealing With a Booming New Trend

Americans spend more than $500 million annually for daycare or hired pet sitters. Dog daycare price varies according to size, activities, and services provided. Some care centers provide obedience classes, grooming services with pools and spas. There are centers offering pickup and delivery services. (For a fee)

Daily activities can resemble a child’s daycare. There’s playtime, healthy snacks, and naptime. Some daycares provide pet cams so owners may observe Rover” on the net.

Great Doggie Citizens

Dog daycare isn’t suitable for all dogs. Dogs playgroups and care centers carefully monitor pets to be sure canines get along with other dogs and handlers. Many animals are turned down for security reasons.

Most facilities require owners to complete a lengthy questionnaire and show evidence of medical background to be certain that the dog is free of disease and evidence of vaccination. These requirements differ from daycare centers and regions of the nation.

Some of the items on the questionnaire

Dog’s level of training

His or her temperament

How dog was obtained

Usual or unusual habits