It is mostly possible that you have been trapped in this BSOD problem, typically referred to as "Thread Stuck in Device Driver". The issue is generally encountered by the MS Windows computer users. The issue is perhaps due to faulty graphic card driver. Possibly it might be because of defective video card. But since we're totally sure the trouble is due to a problematic driver, and doesn’t occur because of hardware equipment, it's easy to adjust it yourself.

How to Solve Thread Stuck in Device Driver Windows 10

There are certain options by which you can actually correct the trouble on your Windows 10 computer system. Follow methods below to fix thread stuck in device driver error in Windows.

Option 1: Update or Reinstall All your Drivers

Simply because issue 0x100000ea is commonly caused mainly because of the drivers particularly the video card or the Graphic card driver, therefore the very first thing you should examine is a bad driver.

Follow the tips presented below.

Open Device Manager within your system. Either enter Device Manager in the search textbox or input devmgmt.msc in the Run window. You will see a long list of pc hardware connected to your computer system. Expand it. At this moment locate a yellow triangle with the exclamation tag alongside any device driver. If there's such driver, right click on it. After that click on Upgrade.

Option 2: Manage the Temperature

Getting hot is actually another main cause of lot of errors. Getting too hot of the computer system could have a significant effect on the graphics card. In such situations, you could experience the Thread Stuck in Device driver Fault 0x100000ea. And so it is significant that you have a check on the temp of your desktop computer or laptop. To cool-down the system, make certain that the fans and Power supply of your computer system are operating perfectly. Furthermore, the UPS or power supply needs to be up-graded, In case it is old. So better maintain graphics card in a normal stage to eliminate errors of this nature.

Option 3: Restore Your Device to Fix the fault 0x100000ea

An additional procedure that you can attempt to solve this blue screen of death fault is by restoring your computer system to the moment whenever it seemed to function with no type of issue. This enables you fix the situations that were creating this error.

Try the provided way- Start> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

At this point you will realize every restore points that you had established or were developed instantly. In the resultant dialog textbox, retrieve your computer system to an early time. Absolutely implement the directions on the screen, and restore it to the latest retrieve point. The repair activity will start immediately. As the operation of restoration will carry out, the system will reboot.

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