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What NOT To Do When Buying A Trailer

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It is very important to have the proper equipment for installing pipes, wires and cable. If you have tools like proper grips, drum trailers, reels and so on, it will take workers less time to complete the project efficiently. Moreover, when dealing with cable or pipe installation, it is essential that you use the right types of cable reel trailer.

Following are a few things that you should avoid while getting cable reel trailers for wire or cable installation projects:

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1. Wrong size of the reel

One of the most common mistakes made by a customer is purchasing the wrong size of reel. It is essential to get the exact size. Although all reels may weigh the same, the diameter of each reel differs from others. So a haul with different diameter will not be able to fit the cable reel.

2. Centre holes do not align with reel bars

Another mistake people make while purchasing a cable reel trailer for sale is not checking the size of the centre holes. There are some types of reels that come with small sized holes for which reel bars with a smaller diameter are required. Large hole diameters can be up to 5inches for which large diameter wood and steel bars are easily available in the market.  

3. Trailer not designed for roads and highways

At times customers select the type of trailers that are not designed for roads or highways. Most customers are unaware of this fact. However, if you know your cable reel trailer will probably be on the road often, get one that can easily be transported.

Also, ask for a trial run before you purchase the trailer.