I must admit I am not a smoothie lover. While I do enjoy fruit and juices, there is just something about the texture of smoothies that bothers me. However, my teenage daughter is a big fan of the "Naked" smoothies so she convinced me to try some. After browsing the grocery shelf, I finally settled on the "Orange Mango" flavor. I like orange juice and I like mango flavor, so I thought this would be a pretty safe selection for me to try.

Well, I was right. I love the taste of the Orange Mango Naked and it is fruity enough to override feeling the texture. It lacks the overdone sweetness other fruit drinks can have. I checked the list of ingredients and thank goodness there is no added sugar, corn syrup, or any of that other nasty stuff manufacturers tend to add. The only listed ingredients seem natural (that is a big point for me) and are: orange juice, apple juice, mango puree, and natural flavors. I must admit I was surprised about the apple juice as I thought that this drink would only contain orange and mango juice or puree as that is what the flavor is called. Also, since apple juice is the second ingredient on the list it is safe to reason that the drink contains more apple juice than it does mango puree. To me that is kind of misleading, then the flavor should be called "Orange Apple" instead of "Orange Mango".

Another fact that concerns me is the listing of "natural flavors". I don't like not knowing exactly what is in the food that I consume (because of health issues and other personal reasons). Natural is too much of an umbrella term for me. Also, one serving contains 27 grams of sugar and the bottle (which I consumed in one sitting) contains a whopping 54 grams of sugar, which seems excessive – even if this sugar amount is derived from natural sources. In my opinion, it is only moderately set off by the fact that the whole bottle provides 30 percent of vitamin A and fifty percent of vitamin C of the daily allowances.

While I absolutely love the taste, I think the $ 3.89 I paid for it is pretty steep. Due to this price factor combined with the concerns mentioned above I would only recommend Orange Mango Naked as an occasional treat, rather than a regular part of your diet.

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